[EZ LOAD] 1" Inch 25 mm 900 KGS Plastic Vinyl Coated S Hook

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$0.10 - $10.00 / Pieces | 4000 Piece/Pieces [EZ LOAD] 1" Inch 25 mm 900 KGS Plastic Vinyl Coated S Hook (Min. Order)
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Quick Details
Model Number:
Y-1816A Coated S Hook
Place of Origin:
Taiwan, China
Carbon Steel, Carbon Steel for Coated S Hook
Product Name:
[EZ LOAD] 1" Inch 25 mm 900 KGS Plastic Vinyl Coated S Hook
Coated S Hook Size:
1 INCH / 25 mm
Breaking Strength:
900 KGS / 2,000LBS for Coated S Hook
Coated S Hook Coating:
PE Coated
Pieces in a Carton:
50 pcs for Coated S Hook
Coated S Hook Thickness:
8 mm / 0.31 INCH
Coated S Hook End Diameter:
25 mm / 0.98 INCH
Coated S Hook Diameter:
25 mm / 0.98 INCH
Coated S Hook Application:
Tiedown Webbing
Brand Name:
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
500000 Piece/Pieces per Month [EZ LOAD] 1" Inch 25 mm 900 KGS Plastic Vinyl Coated S Hook
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
[EZ LOAD] 1" Inch 25 mm 900 KGS Plastic Vinyl Coated S Hook :
1. bulk pack or custom made packaging.
2. we can have clamshell packaging for retractable tie down straps
3. can have polybag packaging to reduce cost on packaging
4. we can have less container shipment or mixed container quantity
5. we accept customers assign forwarder
6. we accept trial order
we accept all custom made length and hooks, if you have questions on custom made products. We only provide quality and innovative product.
Taichung Port
Lead Time :
35 days after receiving signed PI
[EZ LOAD] 1" Inch 25 mm 900 KGS Plastic Vinyl Coated S Hook
Product Description
[EZ LOAD] 1" Inch 25 mm 900 KGS Plastic Vinyl Coated S Hook
Product name[EZ LOAD] 1" Inch 25 mm 900 KGS Plastic Vinyl Coated S Hook
Brand NameEZ LOAD
Class levelPremium
Materialcarbon steel or 304 stainless steel 
Manufacturing processstamping
Strap Popular Color (if required)black or red
Storage Temperature-40°c~100°c
Breaking strength2,000LBS/ 900kgs
Size25 mm/ 0.98 inch 


[EZ LOAD] 1" Inch 25 mm 900 KGS Plastic Vinyl Coated S Hook :

1. Innovative Design

2. easy to lock

3. faster securing/ releasing

4. Strong structure

5. Easy to Use

6. Save time and labor fees

7. made from high quality carbon steel
8. suitable for regular people to use 

9. can have custom-made hooks

10. webbing color can be requested


Made with 304 Stainless Steel.  Carbon Steel is also Available 



More About Wire hook
 More About S-Hooks & Wire Hooks
     Our selection of wire hooks, and s-Hooks are great for customers who want to build their own assemblies or are who need replacement parts. We also have great prices on custom and pre-made Retractable Ratchet Tie Down with different lengths and hooks
Using Wire Hooks:
  • Wire hooks are labeled to indicate the size of strap that the wire hook will accomodate, not the actual hook dimensions.
  • Use wire hooks as an end fitting with ratchet straps as an anchor point on cargo.
  • Create an E track hook by attaching the wire hook to a strap with an E track fittings at the other end.
  • The J hook end of wire hooks can come welded or unwelded. Unwelded wire hooks can be separated slightly depending on the gauge of wire.
  • Swivel wire hooks rotate a full 360° so you aren't limited to a 90° connection like a standard hook tie.

Using E-Track:

Using S Hooks: 

  • S hooks are available in uncoated wire, or vinyl coated wire. Vinyl coating keeps the hook from marring the surface they're against.
  • The dimension in the name of the S hook indicates the width of cargo strap that will fit through the eye of the S hook.
  • Attach S-hooks to cargo straps of any length to create custom wire tie downs in just the right length for your application.
  • A wire S hook can be used with ratchet straps or cam buckle straps for a secure anchor point, the 180° curve curtails slippage.
  • S hooks are great for securing lightweight vehicles like motorcycles and ATVs to flatbed trailers.



More About D Rings
 D Rings & D Ring Tie Downs

     D ring parts and accessories allow you to customize your trailer configuration with load specific trailer tie down anchors.

     Choosing the right trailer D rings for your application depends on the functions required of your trailer - recessed truck tie down rings won't get in the way of rolling cargo on and off your trailer, rotating anchor rings let you work from multiple angles to fit a variety of cargo, and surface mount D hooks are great for lightweight cargo and vehicles - easy access to the folding D ring make quick work of loading and unloading your trailer. If you're looking for a source to get factory made D rings we can help - Please contact with us here.

 More About D Rings & D Ring Tie Downs

     D rings have many applications in securing cargo and vehicles for storage or transport. A common use for D rings, including weld on D rings is for trailers as tie down anchors. If you don't see the D ring tie downs you need here, please contact us and we will do our best to get you the tie down ring or trailer D rings you need.

Popular materials for trailer anchors

  • Stainless Steel D Rings - there are options for surface treatments on each style of stainless steel D ring - hot dip galvanized steel D-rings, zinc plated D rings. Stainless steel d rings with clips are preferrable for heavy loads than aluminum d rings.
  • Forged Steel D Rings - heavy duty unfinished forged steel allowing the d-ring to be welded in place rather than bolted on.

Styles of D rings for trailers

  • Flush Mount D Rings - A flush mount D ring is ideal for applications where you will be transporting motorcycles, snowmobiles and other lightweight vehicles with points for multiple trailer tie downs anchors. Stainless steel d-rings are mounted with plastic, zinc or steel pan fittings.
  • Recessed D-Ring Fittings - D rings for trailers need to accomodate all possible uses of your space - if your truck tie down anchors aren't in use 100% of the time, recessed trailer D-rings allow you to embed the fittings below the surface of your trailer walls or truck bed so they're out of the way when your cargo doesn't require anchor rings.
  • Rotating Pan Fitting D Ring - This trailer D ring gives you 360 degrees of flexibility for your cargo anchor points. Recess the fitting of this D-ring into the floor or wall of your trailer and it folds out of the way when not in use.
  • D Ring Mounting Brackets - When you need a simple application for d hooks a mounting bracket allows you to install cargo anchor points in tighter spaces with a smaller surface area than pan fitting D rings.
  • Weld on D Ring Mounts - Weldable D rings are crafted from forged steel with a weld on bracket that allows the D ring full play to rotate 180 degrees to accomodate many sizes of cargo. Welded rings offers superior strength for heavy loads.

D ring Hardware

     Wire and forged steel D-rings for trailers are avialable in welded wire and forged steel and a variety of sizes from small to large D rings. Break strengths of up to 9,020KGS/ 20,000LBS  are possible with forged steel D rings. 

D rings also come integrated into E-Track fittings, a D ring strap system works well as a rope tie off in a trailer or bed of a truck.

 What is D Ring?

     A D ring is a piece of hardware, generally shaped like the letter D, that is secured to a D-ring strap or directly to the surface of a truck or trailer for use in securing cargo.


     Aluminum tie down rings or aluminum d-rings are preferred for high chloride environments for better corrosion resistance than steel D rings.

     Truck D rings for larger and heavier cargo should be constructed of steel for strength and durability – these D rings may also go by the name ring anchor as the Dring is mounted inside a bracket that can be screwed directly to the trailer surface or recessed into the surface to stay out of the way when not in use.

      D rings and straps are a very flexible way to outfit a trailer to secure a variety of cargo. Stainless steel D rings with clips can be used in situations where the same cargo will be secured in the same position again and again to increase loading efficiency.

When outfitting a D ring trailer you may want to consider all possible tie down points and determine if it is most cost effective to buy bulk D rings to meet all your cargo needs. 






  Testing Reports & Trade Shows: 



Our Services
Good Service from All Fields
1. We provide custom-made products as customers request
2. OEM is acceptable
3. Art work design is available
4. Custom made hooks
5. We have over 38 years experience in tie down industry.
6. The most comprehensive products in cargo control industry:
7. All products are coverd $2 million USD liability insurance
8. Factory direct to you  
9. Strong artwork database to save your artwork design fees
10. Accept less container trial order
11. super innovative (over 70 patents worldwide)
12. helps customer to have custom-made products
13. member of WSTDA & AWRF in US


Q: I am interested in your products and want to get more information. What should I do next?
A: You can send you questions from Contact supplier bar located at the right hand side of the web page or simply CLICK HERE, it will take you straight to the contact us page.
Q: If I want to have custom-made products, what should I do?
A: You can send us photos to let us know what kind of products you have or you can go to our Alibaba main site to select what hardware you need and tell us. For example: (1) hooks (2) EZ Release Ratchet buckles (3) Cam buckle.....you need on your projects.  We can have custom-made products for you.
Q: Why should I buy from you?
A: We have 38 OEM and design experience.  We own over 70 patents in cargo control industry. Our products are very innovative and polpular in USA and Europe, which all designed by ourselves. Also, we are the member of WSTDA and AWRF in US.  Only high quality and unique products can help you dominate your market.
Q: Can you tell me what products you sell best?
A: There are several hotest and unique products. (1) EZ Release Ratchet straps (2) Ratcheting cargo bar  (3) Retractable/ Automatic ratchet tie down straps.  These products are sold in big chain stores in USA. For example, Walmart, homedepot, Lowe's, autozone and more.....All of them have passed product safty and sales tests in chain stores.  These potential products will be very popular worldwide very soon. It's a good chance for you to dominate your whole market. If you want to have more information about your future high niche products or have some questions about them.  Please contact us HERE
Q: Are those products patented?
A: Yes, they are all patented. 
Q:  What else you can provide for me?
A: We have prepared all artwork in our whole product line.  You do not need to pay extra artwork design fee to anyone.  What you need to do is send us your logo or use our logo-EZ load to save you more money.
Q: Do you attend any trade shows? Maybe I can see your products in hand.......
A: We attend national hardware show and APPEX show in Las Vegas USA annually, and Koln show and Frankfurt show in Germany every two years. Also, some trade shows in Australia, Japan, Russia and France......
Q: Can you provide us free sample?
A: Yes, we can provide one sample free of charge, but freight charges will be collected or you can provide us your USP or Fedex......account number, so we can ship free sample by under your account number.
Q: What is your production lead time?
A: Our production lead time is about 30~45days, but if we have stock, we can ship it out right away.
Q: Do you provide testing report to me before I get shippment?
A: Yes, we always provide product testing reports to our customer. Also, we can provide material certificate to you.  Especially, in 304 stainless steel products.  We all know that some factories use low quality 200 series stainless steel and made their customers suffer when they get complains from their customers.  We only use high quality 304 stainless steel to make our products. 
Q: What can you do for me?
A: We do design, stamping, sewing, and packaging. Also, ship the best quality products to you.
Q: Where are you located?
A: We are located beautiful, hermosa, bela, bello, beau, formosa TAIWAN



 Retractable tie down/ Automatic tie down series





Company Information
 Our company was founded in 1977
1. YEU YUEH ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. Founded in 1977, is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of tie-downs, cargo bars,lashings, and a variety of other cargo control products.
2. Combining over 30 years of professional engineering and manufacturing experience, we are capable of developing new designs.
3. Obtained our  own  patents  (U.S.A., Germany, Taiwan, China) on several products.
4. Our customers will always be our priority and are the cornerstone of our success as we endeavor to build long-lasting       relationships. 
5. We will be a major primary supplier of cargo control products to the North American markets, the European Community, and throughout the world and we will be recognized as a renowned specialist in cargo control products.
6. The key elements of our business will be built upon high quality products, innovation, reliable delivery, ethical business practices and value-added services. 
7. Also, Yeu Yueh have invested over $2 million USD to purchase all computerized stampping machines for the best quality products.
Yeu Yueh New computerized stampping equipments: 
Patented Product Videos:
1. Super Heavy Duty Y-415D Retractable Tie Down:
2. Exellent EZ Release Ratchet Buckle: 
3. Longest Light Duty Y-310C 15FT/ 4.5M Retractable Tie Down:
4. Innovative Heavy Duty Retractable Tow Straps:
5. Homedepot/ Walmart/ Amazon Best Selling Y-712 Ratcheting Cargo Bar:
6. Automatic Pickup Truck Use Y-712 PO Ratcheting Cargo Bar:
7. Automatic Heavy Duty Y-713-PO Ratcheting Cargo Bar:
8. (*World First*)Y-1838D Making All Your Hooks Become Swivel:
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The world largest and innovative cargo control products manufacturer





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